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Weekly summary (Aug 4, 2013 - Aug 9, 2013)


Thanh Hoa Province: Districts in tidal area harvested nearly one thousand tons of giant tiger prawns and white leg shrimp.

While farmers breeding fish for processing and export continuously face losses during the last two years, farmers breeding fish for domestic consumption like red tilapia, or snakehead are excited with the high profit they earn.

Once considered as a strong economical advantage for the coastal Southern Central area, lobster farming now is not concentrated anymore because of the risks it brings.

Farmers breeding Tra fish in the Mekong Delta connects with companies to earn their livings in these difficult days.

Processing, import and export:

Tuna exports to Portugal have impressively grown.

In the last seven months, seafood exports increased 0.7% nationwide.

Due to the reduced supply, the price of shrimp has increased. However, companies will face hardships in the final months of the year, when there are more "barriers" rising from the markets.


Soc Trang Province has one of the large local dairy herds in Mekong Delta. This opens up many prospects for dairy farming in Soc Trang.

Vietnam continues to be allowed to export honey to the EU.


The model rice - shrimp not only brings economic efficiency and sustainability, but also improves lands and soil in Bac Lieu Province.

Da Lat City: Special tomato brings a yield of 80 tons/ crop.

Phu Yen Province: Growing cassava intercropped with peanuts brings high econimic efficiency.

Hanoi: People growing vegetable face losses due to storms.

The model of raising pepper with three “No" (No water tank, no weed, no death) brings a yield of 8-10 tons/hectare in Nguyen Van Anh’s household. He lives in Phu Lac neighborhood, Phu Duc Ward, Binh Long Town, Binh Phuoc Province.


Many fruit gardens such as milk fruit, mango, sapodilla... in Tien Giang, Dong Thap, and other provinces... are aging, being depleted, and even dead due to root rot, dry leaves, dead branches. This makes gardeners worry.

To exploit the effectiveness and sustainable development of dragon fruit in Binh Thuan Province, Department of Trade and Industry proposed the application of VietGAP in dragon fruit area here.

Living and environment:

Fishing, collecting, buying and selling leeches need to be clarified to farmers so that they understand and avoid things that are not beneficial for them.

Recently, swifts have flied to Bac Lieu Province and chosen it as their habitat. People living there, however, feel distressed about them.

Pet, flower and others:

The forest of Hoang Lien National Park (Sa Pa) has been known as the "Kingdom of Orchids" because there are lots of rare species of orchids here.

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