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Salmon Hatchery and Incubation System at the School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences (Universityof Washington, USA)

We visited the salmon hatchery located on campus of University of Washington, the United States.

This photo collection was taken by a Viet Linh reporter in November, 2012.

The Pond where salmons are collected and released before and after researches are done. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Salmon eggs in laboratory. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Accessories of an Incubation tray used for salmon eggs. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Incubation trays used for salmon eggs. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Trays are put into incubator. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Circular tanks where fries (1-5 grams) are bred. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Fries are swimming in a circular tank. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

The tanks are covered so that less light can penetrate. The amount of light needed depends on the period. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Tanks for fries where the heat of water can be controlled.
Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Introducing the installation of water system in an outside tank.
Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Rectangular tanks located outside with safe paint. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

The smolts are raised inside the lab before being released to those outside tanks. After 4-5 months, they are released to this natural pond before swimming to the sea. Coho salmon typically return to the pond after two years while it takes Chinook salmon alonger time to come back. Photo: Sonia - Viet Linh

Sonia - Viet Linh© Nov 21, 2012. Seattle, WA, USA

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