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Photo: Viet Linh

Photo: Viet Linh

Photo: Viet Linh

Photo: Viet Linh


English name: common sunflower, sunflower, mirasol...

Vietnamese name: hướng dương quỳ tử, thiên quỳ tử, quỳ tử, quỳ hoa tử

Latin name: Helianthus annuus L.

Family: Asteraceae - Cúc

Sunflower plant is a herbaceous perennial river. Easy to plant and care needs at the time. Plants prefer moist soil and porous, fear flooding, suitable for normal temperature.

Woodland include: soil (sandy) + + coir microbial fertilizer ratio 4: 1: 1

Growing sunflower by seed:

Planting in the garden: Sowing seeds in the hole about 2.5 cm deep, spaced about 12-18 cm. The distance between rows is approximately 90cm for large sunflowers, 60cm medium for plants and 30 cm for small trees.

Planted in trays or pots: Sprinkle the seeds were surface trays / pots then coated with a thin layer of soil water spray lightly over the surface trays / pots avoid drifting particles. To go to a cool place, not to direct sunlight. After 3-7 days to germinate seeds sown depending on temperature. Water the plants, the plants have 3-4 leaves, the leaves may turn to pot plants, flower or garden.

Planting sunflowers by cuttings:

Should cuttings in the spring for the high survival rate. Cut the stems with buds first top 6-8 cm, cut and burn the bottom, remove the leaf stem, after the cut dry, sand or gravel plugged into pots, deep 1/8 - 1/2 cuttings, water-soaked. Then 2 days 1 time watering, temperature to 18-20 degrees C. After 20 days root. When seedlings high 2-3 cm into the pot, the shade, the trees are budding moved into the garden.


- Always keep the soil moist.

- Fertilize the plant micro biweekly periodical.

- Getting pests, termites during the development of the plant, the leaf chlorosis.

- When the tree began to grow, then plug the pile to keep the tree upright and after 70-90 days Plants will bloom brilliantly. Autumn is the season of flowering.

- If planting in pots, repot once a year in August - 9. Before repotting need thinning, orthopedic, cut roots.

- After flowering trees need pruning to 3-5 main branches, pruning long. After pruning half months to dressing stool. To avoid too high tree, have picked the top, the side branches and flowers grow.

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