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Carassius auratus (Gold fish - Cá vàng)

Family: Carp - Cyprinidae

Distribution: Originally produced in North Asia and Southeast Asia, is now widely distributed in many countries.

Length: 8 - 13cm.

Goldfish have been kept in shallow pools, rockeries, in an aquarium, the aquarium long in our country, have adapted to living conditions.

It does not require fancy food, water temperature requirements and rigorous water quality. Fish like the old country, may be subject to a maximum of 10 % salt and oxygen tolerance in very low water. But should not use tap water because tap water has been purged not eat enough fish; on the other hand in some tap water disinfectants such as Cl, Fl... fish will not stand wear and die. If you absolutely must use tap water, this water must be taken to bring the sun for several hours to remove not less beneficial compounds in water, and water soluble organic compounds in the air; Such countries will have properties close to natural water, then to be poured into the aquarium.

Goldfish eat a variety of foods are dried or artificial feed but the feed should include more live bait. We like small red worms eat fiber ( worm ). Goldfish gluttonous, constantly prey distribution and waste should be drawn much maligned by tube trap.

The reproduction is made ​​easy in a large aquarium full sunlight. In the breeding season, males can be recognized by a number of the following characteristics: gills have beautiful nodules on chest and body while also nodules, fish proved to be stimulating and chasing females and pushing it; males taking female stimulating nodules. But the females to the breeding season also dished out a huge belly on one side, slow swimming fish, genital opening red and pink to dark red, slightly protruding. After a very aggressive time copulating, the female was hiding in the grass trees, no more power to her eggs and stir. Meanwhile, males and females are closely nodules using input belly rubbed to stimulate the weather co sperm to fertilize eggs.

Fish breeding almost all year round but is best suited to the March, June. Fish for more episodes. Eggs (of 1000 to 10,000 for each child) and small throughout, was laying near the water surface, usually stick to plants. Caution should be taken out of broodstock, or better yet bring the plants brought sticky eggs placed in a different tank. It should be noted that the water in this tank and have the same temperature as the water quality in spawning tanks.

Dependent on the incubation temperature (21-24 degrees Celsius), occurred in 4 days. If the water temperature is higher than the incubation time is shorter, only 2 and a half days to 3 days. Conversely, if the temperature is low, the fish must be incubated for 6-8 days. Hatched fry can eat the algae and the Middle Ages. If you see a brown offspring, we do not envision the following changes to the color of the fish broodstock. Yellow or red began to replace copper brown, which is only about 60 or 80 days and the water temperature not exceeding 20 degrees C. In shape, fish is inherited from the properties of individual forms parents, were able to distinguish from the early days of the life of the individual.

Juveniles eat healthy and grow. After a month, could reach 2 - 3cm in size. If good rearing, the average survival rate of 60-70 %. The mature sex is definitely in the second year. To produce spawning, the fish should be chosen 3-4 years old. Be careful care, the glass aquarium goldfish can live up to 30 years.

Source: Ornamental fish - Vo Van Chi, Science and Technology Publishing House, 1993. Copyright © VietLinh. Translated by http://translate.google.com


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