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Silver Arowana

Silver Arowana is from South American. Silver Arowana quite similar to Heilongjiang small oblong shaped tail. Silver-colored fins and scales. Unprotected. There are also Red-Tail Silver Arowana.

Scientific name: Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum

Dimensions: Maximum up to 94 cm (37 inches)

Temperature: 75 - 86F

Distribution: Guyana, the Delta Orinoco and the Amazon.

Silver Arowana is the most common species and can be found in any aquariums. This is the first known species of family Osteoglossidae. Long banks can grow to about 120 cm (47 "inches) and this is the longest species. Lies not in the red book and is very easy to buy. Silver Arowana to is very complicated eat.

From Phạm Bằng Tiến (email:Jeff.FBC@gmail.com). Source: Arowanaclub. Translated by Google Translate.


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