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How to pick standard and quality arowana

The focus of the following is the most important thing when buying arowana:

1) Body Shape

You can not change the shape of the arowana by changing your food or water, as this is the innate structure. Most players would agree with the view arowana arowana should you select beautiful, the shape is the most important thing. In general, the fish body should be wide and parallel thickness, size of vi, head, eyes must be proportional to the length and width of the body of fish, between the ramp and back to the farm, not the string slope too, old fish appear this slope deep one openly. When viewed from the front, do not forget your look from top to bottom, the thickness of the body should be parallel from the down to pelvic fin, from which smaller tail. Any paragraph indentation is damaged tick, the thickness required to smooth from head to tail.

2) Coloration

Depending on various factors: the bloodstream (60%), water (20%), food (10%), and sunlight (10%). Anyway if you keep the above factors, the color of the fish will evolve, unlike body is innate factors and permanent nature. The color also depends varieties of fish you choose for Chilli Red, Blood Red, Orange Red. For example: If you buy Blood Red a child (Super Red), this is the same under the two lines Chilli Red and Blood Red, then you must choose the tail, because the upper (dorsal fin), because bottom (near the tail) (anal fin), and anus (pelvic fin) must have red, own micro gills (Pectoral Fin) is about 50% red. Whole body: the belly and back, pink turquoise (light blue), so bright and light reflective, in a few high-end fish you can see red lips and beard, but not arrested forced (for young-15cm), when the big red mouth and beard. Depending on the type of red pepper or red blood, as an adult, its color through many different phases, namely, Blood Red up sooner color (1-3 years), while the Chilli Red slower (1.5 - 5 years).

Particularly Red Tail Golden and Cross Back Golden, black or dark brown on search behavior on the near tail and 1/3 part of the tail, 2/3 of the rest of the tail as well as the range below, because the anus, and because gills usually orange-red to light yellow fin, belly up to Scale rows 4 and Red Tail Golden, up to the number of the five. With Cross Back Golden the bottom of fin on the small scales yellow sheen, aligned with the scales range 5, scales Cross Back Golden will shine and sheen any time if compared with Red Tails.

3) Scales

All scales are large and reflective horizontal line into each array, bad fish have scales messy, zigzag path, although beautiful body and standard colors are also discarded. But very difficult to choose one fish scales "absolute", the same size scales, finely creased queue together, therefore, we will be content with the scales "decent" just OK! If you see the first few scales are lost, do not worry, it will grow out in a few weeks, with this type of so-called "thin frame" (Thin Frame) and the so called "frame thick" (Thick frame), that the This does not matter, depending on personal preference only. With Cross Back Golden majority prefer thin frame with purple more than 24K gold, also for the popular Blood Red, thick frames of that type because it has a lot of red pepper yellow than 24K.

4) Barbels

Facial pairs of fish here is a symbol of vegetables DRAGON mysterious, neatly arranged horizontally, It shows power and solemn, bearded dragons, long and straight, just up and not wish to , the two mirrors must be equal and the same, shall have the right kind of color you choose to buy, for example: the type of Kim Long, the beard is dark brown or black, and red arowana, red or pink. The great popular Chinese dragon beard pointing straight forward, if you look from the fish head, this shape represents the number 8 in the term.

5) Fins

Vi and vi anal gills are straight and slightly arc, not crooked, especially because the gills, because this must be long and smooth, horizontal turn to expand the pool, this movement helps fish see more spectacular, this behavior is curved distortion will affect the beauty of the fish.

Generally, the bigger the beautiful, and the color of it will depend on the type of fish you choose.

6) Swimming Style

This factor depends whale "style" polite upstream?! An elegant way to swim is important, as Miss gait, if the fish swim style? Continue? it will greatly reduce its aesthetic (as she hocks, tomato cutting board, or crossbar) When pool to gently ease even at his back, Vi gills broad, two antennae straight Do not point to the sky.

Arowana like floating on the water, and like to swim in the upper part of the lake, if you see any fish often hide in the corner or Y 1 at the bottom of the lake: Do not Pick It! A healthy fish is the fish will be carried forward to socializing with you, show curiosity about you as pay're looking one certain monster! Arowana healthy, often react very strategic and full of energy.

The fish "bubble problems" are often comrades lying at the bottom of the lake, or floating on the lake, there was still swimming but cursed the ground, about a 45 degree angle, never choose because the majority of fish have intestinal problems are difficult to treat.

7) Mouth

Always firmly grip the mouth, jaw joints, jaw, so they called that suck "scissors bite", dislocated to see it and the key function look? Discomfort. However personal match scissors very hard to discover a young, easily recognized only if large fish about 20cm or more.

8) Gill Cover

Take cover Fish is "the face" of the dragon, as a child, not a big problem, when these lines rarely appear, only interested in piece lies flat cap on gills, can not be opened , it should be light-colored and reflective, all types of dragons are so!

Type Red Tail Golden and Cross Back Golden bring fish to shiny 24K yellow, not pale yellow, with blood Long, depending on age, about 30cm, with a few red markings, to 50 cm or more, the bright red in the entire lid gills. The old time with adulthood just as the fish premature aging and also fish younger age, so Blood Red going up faster Chilli Red.

I wish you would choose the fish you want.

Dr. Hao Nguyen - Forum Farmers integration, Netsoft (According to the documentary "DFI History and Type of Arowana", published in 1997). Translated by Google Translate.


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