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Black Arowana

Black Arowana is South American homeland. Black Arowana is quite similar to the Black Arowana small oblong shaped tail. The Black Arowana childhood, scales and fins are black with a white band, but when they grow up these colors disappear and Black Arowana become gray. Black Arowana may grow to 100 cm (40 "inches) if conditions allow. This is not included in the Red List species.

Scientific name: Osteoglossum Ferrerai

Size: Maximum up to 99 cm (39 inches)

Temperature: 74 - 84F

Distribution: South America (Negro River)

Black Arowana large size should be about 100 gallons of lake. Compared to Black Arowana, Black Arowana very slow growth and it is important not to silk shell eggs continue to stick to them because they are very fragile and vulnerable as a baby. Like other dragon fish, they eat fish, grasshoppers, clones and small shrimp. It was rumored more that Black Arowana difficult raising Black Arowana.

From Phạm Bằng Tiến (email:Jeff.FBC@gmail.com). Source: Arowanaclub. Translated by Google Translate.


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