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Asian Arowana

Arowana Asia is the most famous and expensive in the world. There are different species of Red arowana, Gold arowana, Green arowana and hybrids between them. The species of this genus are in protection list for upcoming extinction unless Yellow-Tail Arowana and Green arowana.

Scientific name: Scleropages formosus

Size: Maximum to 92 cm (36 inches)

Temperature: 75 - 85 F

Distribution: Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Indonesia)

- Red arowana: is the most famous and most beautiful of the dragon fish. Scales, tail and fins completely red and is priced extremely high. In this species breeding ruby ​​red arowana and red peppers. Hong Long popular in playing Chinese community. The Chinese believe that Red arowana to bring wealth and prosperity to the farmers. Red arowana is located at the brink of extinction, and so it is the Red Book. Red arowana is divided into Red arowana class and Red arowana binary level.

- Gold Arowana: species also have high prices and Chinese businessmen sought urgently. Kim Long species is said to bring wealth and prosperity thanks to the characteristic golden color makes it more like a gold ingot.

- Red-Tail Arowana: is a species of Asian Arowana, Red-Tail Arowana quite popular in Singapore. When mature pale golden fish scales, tail and fins are red. When I was little, Red-Tail Arowana looks like Red arowana binary class because they both have red fins and tail. But as an adult Red-Tail Arowana tail and fins red, glistening body. Meanwhile Gold Arowana binary class while growing up will have a pink body with red tail and fins. It should be noted this point to avoid buying the wrong.

- Malaysian Gold Arowana: the species is very rare and very beautiful. As its name shows, this species native Malaysia. The scales reflected blue blue looks very nice and so are a lot of hunters. Just a small fish are sold at very high prices. This is a species in the Red List.

- Yellow-Tail Arowana: are said to resemble a cross between Gold Arowana and Green Arowana. Milky white scales, tail and fins are yellow. Yellow-Tail Arowana equivalent.

- Green Arowana: is considered the worst species of the genus Asia. Silvery white scales and fins are pale green. This is also the cheapest species of the genus in Asia and not in the red book. However, there are some beautiful fish.

From Phạm Bằng Tiến (email:Jeff.FBC@gmail.com). Source: Arowanaclub. Translated by Google Translate.


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