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African Arowana

Arowana Africa is not as beautiful as the other species so few players.

Scientific name: Heterotis niloticus

Size: Maximum up to 94 cm (37 inches)

Temperature: 75 - 86F

Distribution: Upper Nile, the river in Chad, Niger, Senegal and Gambia.

Arowana African homeland in Africa and is the most common species. We have the first round, the function looks more smooth and more rounded. Smaller scales and tails, looks like the Bank of Long tail and Heilongjiang. We are cleaning fish since they mainly eat plankton, algae, and sometimes small fish. Once in the lake, they eat shrimp, small fish, red worms and small fish. However when all they look like catfish [1] rather than the arowana.

[1] The name for the catfish species in the world market. This species has many characteristics such as Vietnamese catfish

From Phạm Bằng Tiến (email:Jeff.FBC@gmail.com). Source: Arowanaclub. Translated by Google Translate.


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