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Some Common International Standards for Coffee

UTZ Certified (2007) is popular in the Netherlands and northern Europe. UTZ is certified for coffee whose sources of shipments are accessible and which qualified for social and environmental criteria.

4C Certificate (2006), Common Code for the Coffee Community, ensures the sustainability of social, environmental and economic development. It concentrates on coffee which can ensure working conditions, and activities of workers; forest and natural resources protections including water, land, biological diversity and energy; the development of social and environmental sustainability.

Fair Trade Certification (1997) is popular in the UK, France, and the USA. The certification promotes the fairness in commerce. Trading is implemented with dialogue, transparency and mutual respects between farmers, traders, and consumers.

Rainforest Alliance Certification (1992) is used in Japan and Western Europe. It is certified for products which contribute to the conservation of biological diversity and ensure the sustainable life through innovative land uses, sales and consumer behaviors.

Organic Certification is common in Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy and the United States. It certifies management system in agricultural productions, which including covering soil with organic material, regulating shade tree and preventing diseases in a biological direction.

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