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Turbidity of water

Plankton, algae, dead algae or soil and inorganic particles in water created turbidity.

Turbidity is measured by the Secchi disk.

Turbidity of water is suitable for shrimp if Secchi disk is visible at a depth of 25 - 40cm .

If Secchi disk visible at 20 - 30cm, water begins to be turbid. In this case, keep pH in the morning less than 8.0 and change some water.

If Secchi disk is visible at a depth below 20cm, water is too murdy. Change water and use lime or dolomite 150-300kg/ha to sink down mud and algae, especially in rainy season.

If Secchi disk is visible at above 60cm, water is too clear. Water color should be changed; probiotics can be used to change water color fast and stable.

Image: www.psu.edu

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