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Aquaculture in rainy and flood season

During rainy season, floods often occur creating unfavorable weather conditions for shrimp farming: temperature changes during a day and widespread thunderstorms making abrupt changes in water environment, causing shock in shrimps and possible disease outbreaks.

1/ Abrupt changes in environmental factors and aquaculture pollution causing shocks in farming species and leading them to stop eating, or even death due to infectious diseases:

• Water temperature drops suddenly.

• Rainwater is acidic or leaches out alum from embankments into ponds, which makes pH in pond drops suddenly.

• Sudden drop in salinity (in brackish water farming)

• Reduction of dissolved oxygen in the water

• Reduction of alkalinity of water

• Rainwater and flood water can leach out alum, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and toxic waste from fields, orchards or residential areas into rivers, canals and farming ponds.

2/ Farming species, ponds and cages can be lost or damaged due to:

• Rising water level can overflow and destroy embankments.

• Hurricanes, strong winds, big waves and flows can damage cages.

Manage shrimp ponds during rainy season

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